The following is a partial list of customers Berean Automation has served over the past few years.  The technologies used for these corporations have been as diverse as the companies represented.

Architectural Image Manufacturers

AIM hired our services to troubleshoot their cost estimating department, review their project management functions, and analyze both their business applications and computer systems.  We were also chartered to critique and inventory AIM's network and computer systems.  The resulting services included detail recommendations for their applications, software systems, procedures and security functions.  Network schematics were provided for their documentation and future troubleshooting functions.

BP-Amoco Fabrics & Fibers

Berean Automation was employed to analyze, design and code a backend system for reengineering data from BP's ERP (SAP) applications and into a custom Production and Inventory Control system.  The resulting system made an estimated eight million dollar reduction in excess inventory.  Data models were heavy used to document their entity relationships and build new software applications.  Then, extensive data scrubbing was required to complete this achievement.  Over 900 hundred SQL statements were used as a portion of the DML.  From there a comprehensive set OLTP and decision support systems applications were created.  They also are being used to feed downstream OLAP applications.

Inside Out Home Inspectors

When the principals of IOHI first approached Berean Automation, they were a start-up company serving the Metro Atlanta GA area.  As a new company they had minimal resources to work with.  From their source documents Berean Automation made a custom software package to report their home inspections using technologies within their price range.  The resulting product surpasses the quality and functionality offered by other inspection programs offered in the market. Custom reports can be created onsite location to match the diverse needs of the residential market.  More   ...


JVC was selected by Microsoft as an authorized third party replicator for the release of their new XBOX gaming system.   This business opportunity was awarded to only three corporations.  In short order, JVC had to quickly develop an inventory control/serial tracking application.  This required them to meet Microsoft's detailed design guidelines and pass their certification process in time for the launch.  As a result Berean Automation quickly responded by coding a portion of their physical inventory system.  The application was created using stored procedures for their MS SqlServer 2000 system.

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