Materials Requirements Planning

Berean Automation is offering two software products.  Interested customers should call for more information and pricing.  The first product is a custom material management and production control system.  This product was created for a process manufacturing company.  It is a multi-plant muti-planner software package.   It provides time phased detail requirements using many algorithms.  It is written in MS SQLServer and is a n-tiered business solution.  This product was deployed in a national multi-million dollar chemical manufacturing company.  This integrated system includes product marketing analysis, cost controls, inventory turn analysis, material management functions and many other applications.

The Residential Inspector

The next custom solution we offer was originally written for a small business who performs residential inspections.  The system reduces the time required to inspect a house by providing pre-established dispositions which can be selected by an inspector during the inspection process.  Highly customizable reports can be produced on behalf of an inspector's clients-who maybe builders, homeowners, brokers, and/or realtors.   The system provides unprecedented flexibility.  It is the only known package for inspectors written in a relational database and thereby increases data integrity and safety features. The Residential Inspector provides data collection for nearly 180 residential components, offers over 6,300 dispositions to select from, and accomodates custom comments.  The product is written in MS Access.  More ...

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