The Residential Inspector

This software package is written in Microsoft Access.  Unlike other packages it fully employ's the highest standard's of software development by professionals trained in their field of expertise.  And yet it also draws upon the expertise of those who make a living inspecting houses.  Not one or the other, but both!

In so doing the reports produced by the Residential Inspector aid an inspector to satisfy or exceed the requirements by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and its respective codes.  These include the an Order Form, Property Profile, Inspection Check List, the Inspection Report, the Inspection Summary and Subgroup Dispositions.

This package allows the entry and maintenance of contacts, properties, inspection orders, inspections, and system tables.   A contact is described as either an individual or an organization who maybe either a home owner, broker, buyer, buyer's agent, inspector, realtor, seller or seller's agent.  The data collected for a contact fits into the following categories: name and title, contact type, address, phone numbers, and internet data.  More than twenty different attributes are recorded per contact.

A property profile also has its own set of data attributes.  These include data cultured into the following groups: address information, categories, contacts, property description, inspectors, and miscellaneous information. Over twenty five fields are used to collect data about property profiles. 

When an order for an inspection is entered a user is able to collect and enter data relating to following data clusters:  the client, relevant dates, environmental factors, reference information, who is to perform the inspection, on site detail, payment information, and which property is to be inspected.  Nineteen data attributes are available to spec an order request.  More ...

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