Residential Reports

The Residential Inspector provides a printout of several reports.  Below are you'll find a description of several of these reports. 

The Order Form

This report acts like a dispatch report.  It can be created by those who are at the main office-those taking orders-or inspectors in the field.  If the former, it can then be printed and distributed to inspectors, at the discretion of those who oversee the inspectors.  Either way when it is printed the system allows a user to print and or suppress the printing of the address of the property being inspected, the clients address, the clients phone numbers, the dates of when the inspection is to be performed, the method of payment and other report details.

The Property Profile Report

The Property Profile report is a helpful report to aid the inspector and the company performing inspections. When a user prints this report, they are able to print or suppress the printing of the property address, categories describing the property being inspected, the contacts associated to the property being inspected, the description of the items being inspected, the driving inspections to get to the location of where the inspection is to take place, and other details.

The Inspection Check List

With a hardcopy of an Inspection Check List an inspector is able check a disposition that's appropriate for a system or component that's being reviewed. This report is helpful for many other reasons. Because it provides a list of components to be inspected, an inspector will be reminded which items need to be inspected and which dispositions are appropriate for the component being inspected. Because it provides a list of pre-dispositions to select from, an inspector is able to quickly disposition the component or system being inspected. He or she is able to check a disposition listed on their report and thereby provide enhanced accuracy and better assure report quality.

The Inspection Report

This is a detail report which begins with a professional title page introducing the primary contact and location of the property being inspected. On subsequent pages, the detail dispositions, as collected and inputted by an inspector, are reported. Within the printout, on the far left column, the report includes a list of the component or system being inspected. This is further subdivided into its major components. This will appear on the center column within the printout. Then, based on the input provided by the inspector, the component's disposition(s) are listed. During the inspection process, an inspector is able to enter comments per system component. These are also printed. This printout is the primary report provided to the customer hiring the inspection service. Repetitive data is suppressed in order to enhance the appearance of printout.

The Inspection Summary

When an inspector is performing his or her inspection, they are able to create summary comments. These comments are classified as minor concerns, major concerns, non-functional systems or components, safety recommendations, and standard recommendations. The Inspection Summary report allows a user to print all of these comments or they can select one comment category.

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