At a minimum Berean Automation's staff and management have experience in the following.


B2B, Client/Server, Data Marts, Data Warehouses, Distributed, EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), EDI (Electronic Document Interchange), Extranets, Internets, Intranets, IPC, ODS (Operational Data Stores), OLAP, OLTP, Servlets, Stored Procedures, and Triggers.


DB2, Image, ISAM, KSAM, MS Access, MS SqlServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ASK ManMan, GrowthPower, Fourth Shift, JD Edwards and Manbase.


Distribution, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Real Estate and Retail.


ASP (Active Server Pages), Assembler, BASIC-PLUS, Business BASIC, C, COBOL, CSS, DHTML, FoxPro, HTML, Java, JCL, JSP (Java Server Pages), Perl, Quiz, Reflection, RPG II, SQL, SQR, Swing, Tomcat, Transact SQL, VBA, Visual Basic and XML.


Data Modeling (physical and logical), ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams), JAD, OOA, OOD, OOP, RAD, RUP, SDLC, and UML.


ActiveX, ADODB, Apache, Boss 3, CMD, COM, DAO, DNS/Bind, Exchange, IIS, IPX, JDBC, MPE Intrinsic's, NFS, ODBC, RIP, Samba, Sendmail, SNMP, TCPIP, VPN, and WINS.

Operating Systems

AS400, DOS, IMOS II, LanMan, Linux, MPE V, Novell Netware, OS/2, RSTS/E, SPM 11, UNIX, and Windows (95, 98, NT, Terminal Server, W2K and WFW).


Crystal Reports, CVS, Dreamweaver, DTL, Excel, FrontPage, Impromptu, JBuilder, Office, (MS) Project, Powerhouse, PowerPlay, QDD, Query, Quick, R & R, SourceSafe, Subversion, View, Visio, and VisualAge for Java.

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