Why name ourselves Berean Automation?

Our first name, Absolute Absolution, stressed adherance to unchanging principles to achieve success for our customers.  In 2002 we changed our name to Berean Automation to reflect an expansion to the technologies we embrace while still advocating our original beliefs.  Not only do we continue to advocate sound business practices, we have been providing custom and standard solutions on a diverse set of hardware, software platforms and an expansive list of computer services.

Why did we chose a new name for ourselves?  In the first century a group of people who were called 'Bereans', had not only a reputation for their belief in absolutes but for their integrity, diligence, and their pursuit of accurate information.   They were pragmatic and progressive.  Not one or the other but both!   Likewise we bring the same set of virtues, convictions, and expertise to our customers while providing information technology. This better reflects what we do and how we do it.

What does all this mean to our present and future customers?  As you're aware the technology market is filled with possibilities.  But not all of these options are advantageous to our clientele.  So we draw upon our personnel, technology partners, and the industry to select the best business solutions available.  We work diligently and with integrity to propose, install, and support solutions that are accurate, appropriate and meet the needs our our customers.

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